I am a owner and broker of JackRabbit Realty. I have a focus, creativity, and sense of humor that will make your buying or selling experience the best it can be. I understand people have different objectives, come to decisions in different ways, prefer different styles of communication, and have different levels of focus.

I’ll always be straight with you about options and possible outcomes. I’m your guide. Together, we’ll make this experience work for you. It is really valuable to have an agent you connect with, who is looking out for your interests and well being, who you can trust.

Buying and selling a home is a major life changing event. Let me manage all the details, and provide expert advice. You should have an experience that is best for you.

I have a project management background so I’m am literally a pro at making lists, managing tasks, lining up ducks, herding cats, whatever it takes to keep a process on track and get to the finish line. I know how to listen, talk straight, follow-up, nudge other people, and offer suggestions to meet your goals.

When something needs to get done, you’ll see me update my list and it will get done. This frees you up so you’re not bogged down with the details. I’ll send you reminders for things you need to do.

I have an ease with new technology. This means better information, better searches, and better promotion. The way real estate sales happen today is a big change from even just 10 years ago. I am part of that change.

Even if you are not quite ready to begin the journey I can help you think through how and when you might get started. Let’s chat. 414-335-1718.

Want to know more about me?

  • I live in Murray Hill.
  • I make art. Take a look.
  • I worked in the software technology industry for 25 years.
  • After living in Berkeley, CA for many years, I traveled around the country for 7 months looking for a place to live and chose Milwaukee.
  • I have a dog, Luigi, who sometimes chases rabbits but will never catch one, and is likely to just say hello if he gets close.